domingo, 19 de diciembre de 2010

PET bloggers

Sí, me gustan los animales, me encantan. Siempre he tenido mascota en casa, he pasado de perros a gatos y ambos a la vez. Ahora tengo dos gatos diablillos peludos que me revuelven la casa y hacen que parezca un hogar.

Yes, I like pets, I love them. I always had a pet at home, I changed from dogs to cats and then both at the same time. Now, I have got two cats furry little devils WHO turn my house up and down but make it looks like a real home.

Las mascotas, sobre todo los perros, siempre han estado de algún modo relacionados con el mundo de la moda, antes eran parte del decorado de la foto, acompañante de pasarela pero cada vez son ellos más los protagonistas, hasta el punto de que hay una semana de la moda canina en NY!

Pets, specially dogs, have been always in any way linked to the fashion world, before they were a part of the scenery of the picture, companion in the catwalk but they're getting more protagonist every day, so much so that there's a pet fashion week in NY!

poor WINNER dog!

no es difícil encontrar fotos de nuestras trendsetters favoritas con sus perritos, algunos "sin raza" lo que les hace más adorables.

it is not difficult to find pictures of our favourite trendsetters with their dogs, some of them with "non race" which makes them more lovely.
Great Sienna with a street dog!

Kate Brodshow and her dog
Lauren Conrad's dog is really cute...Do dogs look like their owners?
Olivia's is quite trendy too

pero lo que más me gusta es que nuestras bloggers lo saquen en sus fotos, nos los presenten e incluso les dediquen el blog como el que se merece lovely pepa.

but what I like most is that our bloggers take pictures of and with them, they introduce it and even they dedicate them the blog as it deserves lovely pepa.

gorgeous pics of a bit of fashion and her sweet big dog!
Bartabac's is so sweeet, perfect for this outfit, by the way...
we all love lovely PEPA
hunters, sweet coquers, goldens and the street star french bulldogs
who's the trendiest?
tienes mascota? las sacas en tus fotos? cuidas sus outfits también?

have you got a pet? do you take pictures of it? do you take care over its outfit as well?

Estefania's little Olivia in LV bag, pet fashion victim???
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  1. Hola!!!

    Si que he visto que en muchos blogs son los protagonistas los animales, esta genial.


  2. pero q curros tus gatitos!!!:P


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